About Me

Hello friends, my name is Jacob Labatsky. I am a 29-year-old born in New York City with a passion for the development of technology.

My passion for technology in the new global economy started when it became utterly clear that technology is now the major influence on improved quality of life, the master of human connection across the globe, and the cause of economic growth.

While studying for my Masters in Macroeconomics, I realized that because of the impact technology has on the progression of the human race, I have the ability to live the way that I want because of the technological revolution that we are living in today. 

Meaning, my degree taught me that there is so much opportunity in the world today that there isn’t a mandatory way of living.

I can be on my laptop in the beautiful country of India or Brazil and live my life while making a living through my laptop and an internet connection.

I don’t need to be strapped down to a specific location to commute to a job; the technology that we have today puts the whole world, and success at your fingertips.

My passion is to teach people all over the world about using technology to their advantage and living life on their own terms.

The internet is a powerful tool that I strive to teach people to master so that we aren’t enslaved to what society believes is success.

In this blog, I talk about various different topics in the development of technology and how people are able to transform that into a business, success, or a passion.

Some of us haven’t found what our purpose is in life, but one thing I am sure of is that we won’t find out by listening to the rules of society or taking advice from people who aren’t progressing with the rest of the world and technology.

Here on creative butterfly, I share the information on the new world and how you can live successfully in the technological era while never being tied down to the normal 9 to 5.

Now more on me, a few years ago I was working in a fortune 500 company making pretty good money, but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the opportunity out in the world and the new way of living that we can now experience like never before.

Sitting in an office didn’t fulfill my needs, and it didn’t give me the adrenaline that I needed to be happy knowing that there was so much more than working for someone and getting a few weeks out of the year to have fun.

Soon after, I quit my job and used the tools I had to create an online business and create a steady income through my laptop and an internet connection so I can give myself the ability to travel as much as I wanted to and work when I needed to.

That is when Creative Butterfly was born so I could share my knowledge on how I used the tools in my life and the progression of technology to create my own happiness and share the reality of this lifestyle that could be the reality for millions of people anywhere in the world.